Aug 8, 2010

VBScript Languange

The full VBScript or Visual Basic Scripting Edition is an interpreted scripting language which when executed, developed by Microsoft Corporation in the year 1996 is often used in the web browser Internet Explorer (can be used from Internet Explorer version 3.0). VBScript is a scripting language derived from Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which is used in Microsoft Office and some other Microsoft-made development platform. VBScript eliminate some of the VBA functions, like the function I / O files and direct access to the operating system to provide a secure platform for developing web based applications using platform Active Server Pages (ASP). Internet Explorer is the first web browser that provides support for script code written in VBScript. VBScript can be run on Windows 9x/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and several UNIX platforms.

VBScript can not be used to create a stand-alone program. However, VBScript must be inserted into an HTML file. When Internet Explorer opens the HTML file documents, VBScript can perform the same functions as JavaScript - these scripts will be executed. VBScript can also be used to create an HTML alikasi (file extension. Hta) that require Internet Explorer 5 or later to run. Hta Seara not directly using Internet Explorer, but using a program, namely MSHTA.EXE, which interpret and execute the code.

VBScript script that was included in the HTML file should be inserted between the tags

Here's an example (which will display a dialog box containing Hello World! When a button is clicked by the user):

Other Web explorers such as Firefox and Opera do not have direct support for VBScript. This means that for maximum compatibility with other browsers, the developers of any web site using JavaScript.

Besides the Web browser, VBScript can also be executed by Windows Scripting Host application (WSH). Generally, the file is executed by WSH VBScript This is a plain text file with the extension. Vbs and can be executed by using the command-line or with the Windows desktop. Windows has two program that can interpret the vbs file, cscript.exe and wscript.exe.

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