Aug 16, 2010

Local area network LAN

Local area network LAN commonly abbreviated is a computer network whose network only covers a small area, such as campus computer networks, buildings, offices, in homes, schools or smaller. Today, most LAN based on IEEE 802.3 Ethernet technologies use the device switches, which have a data transfer speed 10, 100, or 1000 Mbit / s. In addition to Ethernet technology, current technology, 802.11b (often called Wi-fi) is also often used to form a LAN. Places that provide LAN connectivity with Wi-fi technology, commonly called hotspots.

On a LAN, each node or computer has the computing power itself, in contrast to the concept of a terminal dump. Each computer can also access existing resources on the LAN in accordance with the access rights that have been arranged. Resources can be data or devices such as printers. On the LAN, a user can also communicate with other users using the appropriate application.

In contrast to Wide Area Network or Wide Area Network (WAN), the LAN has the following characteristics:

1. Has a higher data rapidly
2. Covers a narrower geographic area
3. Does not require telecommunications lines leased from telecom operators

Usually one of the computers in the computer network that would use a server that manages all the systems within that network.

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