Aug 11, 2010

History of Java development

The first Java programming language born of The Green Project, which runs for 18 months, from early 1991 until summer 1992. The project is not using the version that is called Oak. This project was initiated by Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, James Gosling and Bill Joy, along with nine other programmers from Sun Microsystems. One result of this project is the Duke mascot created by Joe Palrang.

Project meeting took place in an office building on Sand Hill Road Menlo Park. Around the summer of 1992 the project was closed by generating a Java program's first Oak, which is intended as an appliance controller with touch screen technology (touch screen), like on a PDA today. This new technology was named "* 7" (Seven Star).

After the era of the Seven Star is complete, a subsidiary of Cable Tv interested plus some people from the project The Green Project. They focus their activities on an office space at 100 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto.

This new company stepped forward: the number of employees increased in a short time from 13 to 70 people. At this time span was also determined using the Internet as a medium that bridges the work and ideas between them. In the early 1990s, the Internet is still a stub, which is used only in academic circles and the military.

They make the browser (browser) Mosaic as the basis for beginning to create the first Java browser called Web Runner, inspired from the 1980s film, Blade Runner. In the development of the first releases, Web Runner renamed Hot Java.

In about March 1995, for the first time 1.0a2 version of Java source code is opened. Their success was followed with a proclamation for the first time in the newspaper the San Jose Mercury News on May 23, 1995.

Unfortunately there are divisions among them one day at 4:00 pm in a hotel room Sheraton Palace. Three of the main leaders of the project, Eric Schmidt and George Paolini of Sun Microsystems along with Marc Andreessen, Netscape formed.

Oak name, taken from an oak tree that grows in front of the windows work space "father of Java" James Gosling. Oak name is not used for release versions of Java as a software has been registered with the trademarks, so that his successor be taken name "Java". The name is taken from the ground pure coffee beans directly from (instant coffee) Gosling's favorite. It is said that this coffee comes from Java. So the name of the Java programming language comes from none other than Java (Java is the English language for Java).

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