Aug 8, 2010

Visual Basic for Applications

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a derivative of the Visual Basic programming language developed by Microsoft and released in 1993, or a combination of an integrated programming environment (Visual Basic Editor) and programming languages (Visual Basic) that allow a user to design and build a Visual Basic program in the main Microsoft Office applications, which are intended for specific applications. VBA is designed to perform several tasks, as well as customize an application Like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Visual Studio. VBA is automating usability jobs. Work is work that is done repeatedly and complex job. VBA is different from Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic programming and provides many advanced functions to the Microsoft Visual Basic can produce a more complex program for Microsoft Windows operating system and Office. While VBA can only be built on the main Microsoft Office applications to control the application functions perform a series of programmable objects. VBA latest version when this is version 3.6, released in 2001, which supports all the programs in Microsoft Office, ie, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft FrontPage, and Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Visual Studio.


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