Aug 8, 2010

C + + language

C + + language is a computer programming language C + + was developed at Bell Labs (Bjarne Stroustrup) in the early 1970s, language was derived from the language previously, namely BCL, At first, the language is designed as a programming language that run on Unix systems, in development, version ANSI (American National Standard Institute) programming language C to versions of the dominant, though that version is now rarely used in the development of systems and networks as well as for embedded systems, Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell labs first to develop C + + in the early 1980s, to support features in C + + language, built efficiency and system support for low-level programming (low-level coding). In C + + language added new concepts such as classes with properties such as inheritance and overloading. [Citation needed] One of the most fundamental differences with the C language is the support for object-oriented programming concepts (Object Oriented Programming).

Differences Between the programming language C and C + + language even though those languages use the same syntax, but they have differences, C is a programming language procedural, where the resolution of a problem is done by dividing up the problem into a su-submasalah smaller, In addition, C + + is a programming language that has the properties of Object-oriented programming, to solve the problem, C + + language do the first step by describing classes which is a child class that is made before as an abstraction from objects of physical, Class contains state of the object, its members and the ability of objectnya, After a few classes created and then solved the problem with the class.

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