Aug 8, 2010

Script language

scripting language is a computer programming language that is typically interpreted and can be typed directly from the keyboard by a user. Different script with the program, because programs must first be converted permanently into binary files are executed (ie zero and one) before running. Scripts remain in their original form and interpreted as commands every time the command is executed. Scripts were created to shorten the traditional edit-compile process-link-run (edit-compile-run-linking).

Script name is taken from the script or a script written for the performing arts, which include dialogue to be interpreted by actors and actresses - the program. Beginning of the script language is often called batch languages (batch program) or job control language (job control). Scripting language can also be compiled, but because the interpreter is simpler and easier to write than compilers, scripting languages are interpreted more often than in compiled.

The term scripting language is not technical, although immersion and dependence on larger systems usually be the determining criterion. In computer games, scripts extend game logic, set the game machine with a certain game data. Scripts can also make an application can be programmed so that recurring jobs can be quickly automated. Not all language scripts can be developed beyond the original design and development times by using a new name. Examples of language scripts that were developed enough to include UnrealScript used in computer games, and JavaScript, a highly influential standard supported by nearly all web browsers on the market.


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