Aug 8, 2010

Integrated Development Environment

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a computer program which has several facilities required in software development. The purpose of the IDE is to provide all utilities needed in building software.

An IDE, or can be freely translated as an Integrated Development Environment, at least have the facility:

* Editor, which is a facility to write the source code of the software.
* Compiler, which is a facility to check the syntax of the source code and then change in accordance with the form of binary machine language.
* Linker, which is a facility to bring together a number of binary data generated source code compiler so that the binary data into a single entity and became a computer program is ready to be executed.
* Debuger, which is a facility to test the course of the program, to search for bugs / errors contained in the program.

To a certain extent modern IDE can help give advice to accelerate the writing. At the time of writing the code, the IDE can also show clearly the parts that contain errors or doubt.

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