Jun 23, 2010

Open source software

Pattern of Open Source was born because freedom works, without the intervention of thinking and expressing what you want by using the knowledge and products that are suitable. Freedom becomes a primary consideration when released to the public. Other communities have the freedom to study, work on, revise again, to justify or even blame, but this freedom comes with responsibility, not freely without responsibility.

Open source software is often confused with free software, while there are some things that must be met when considered as open source software, which is freely distributed without any royalty requirements, the program must have the source code, the license should be modified and reduced, the integrity of the maker source code, license does not discriminate against any person or group of people, there is no discrimination against the area of development, copyright in a program must be able to re-applied and distributed by anyone, the license does not refer to the specifications of a product, the license does not limit the places where the software is distributed, and the license must contain technology neutral.

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