Jun 25, 2010


Understanding of the hardware or in the Indonesian language is also called by the name of the hardware is one component of a computer that is the nature of his instrument can be seen and touched by humans in the form of direct or real, which serves to support the process of computerization.

Hardware can work on orders that have been specified therein, or which is also referred to by the term instruction set. With the commands that can be understood by the hardware, the hardware can perform many activities that have been determined by the command.

Physically, the computer consists of several components is a system. System is the components work together to form a unity. If one component does not work, will result in a computer is not functioning properly. This computer components including hardware elements in the category (hardware). Based on the function, the computer hardware is divided into:

1. divice input (input units)

2. Process devices (processing units)

3. Output device (output units)

4. Backing Storage (storage unit)

5. Peripherals (additional unit)

basic components of computer input, process, output and storage. Input device consists of a keyboard and mouse, Process device is a microprocessor (ALU, Internal Communication, and Control Registers section), Output devices consist of a monitor and printer, external memory storage consists of hard drives, floppy drives, CD ROM, magnetic tape. Internal storage memory comprises RAM and ROM. While Peripheral Device component is an additional component or as a component that does not exist or not exist previously. Peripheral Component's an example: TV Tuner Card, Modem, Capture Card.

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