Aug 16, 2010

MS-DOS version 6.xx

MS-DOS version 6.0 was released in 1993. This version has many additional utilities, like Norton Antivirus (MSAV.EXE), Virus Protection (VSAFE.COM) which was adopted from Central Point PC Tools. In addition, there is also a utility to perform disk defragmentation (DEFRAG.EXE) adopted from Symantec's Norton Utilities, a utility used to check the hard disk of the beam placement errors and damage (SCANDISK.EXE) as a replacement CHKDSK.EXE, and various improvements of the utility that existed previously.

In MS-DOS version 6.0 also includes a utility that can create a more efficient placement file with the name DoubleSpace. However, a company that has a patent on it has become so angry that requires Microsoft to the green table. Microsoft was beaten and deprived of any utility DOS DoubleSpace 6:20. Late in 1994, Microsoft revised the DOS 6:20 with a similar utility but does not violate the patents of others with a DriveSpace. MS-DOS is MS-DOS version of 6:22.

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