Aug 16, 2010

MS-DOS version 7.xx

MS-DOS version 7.0 was released just months before Microsoft released Windows 95, a version of Windows that is completely independent of the MS-DOS. Actually, Windows 95 are not truly 100% free from MS-DOS, it's just some functionality that was previously handled by MS-DOS kernel, now handled by Windows. MSDOS.SYS file which in previous versions are binary files (programs), now just a plain text file, which contains the computer boot process only, and sundry lines containing "xxx" with functions that are not clear.

Not much improvement that occurred at 7:00 this DOS because some functions have been moved to Windows 1995. Windows 95 is an additional version of Windows with Win-32 API and a redesigned desktop. Windows 95 has a central control from the Start Menu button at the bottom left corner of your screen. When a new two-month supply, said Microsoft get lucky very big at all, because Windows 1995 has been sold to more than 7 million copies.

When Microsoft launched Windows 98, Microsoft also revised version of DOS to 7:10 with support for FAT32 file system is much more efficient than FAT16 file system. The functionality of MS-DOS owned by 7:10 too much pruning. The result, in late 1999, Microsoft launched its new Windows version, code-named Georgia (Windows Millennium Edition) are really without DOS!

Actually, the operating system completely without ever created by Microsoft's DOS prior to Windows NT, only Windows NT is targeted for minicomputer, network servers, mainframes, and workstations. Its use makes it very difficult to elaborate adopted by the beginners in the field of computers.

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