Aug 16, 2010

MS-DOS version 5.xx

IBM did not create a new buzz-buzz in the microcomputer industry, because previously controlled market IBM has eaten little by little by its competitors, such as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell are also producing microcomputers compatible with IBM computers, because using the same design, and also the same microprocessors made by Intel Corporation. Successful here is the Intel Corporation, for which use microprocessors produced far more, due to demand for more. Because these computers using microprocessors made by Intel Corporation, which caught the second is Microsoft's success with its DOS. Many analysts argue that this is caused by the failure of IBM when they sold the IBM PC Jr.., And IBM Micro-architecture P/S2 Channel Architecture (MCA). MCA bus used by IBM P/S2 not use the concept of open-architecture as the ISA bus which is also made by IBM but with an open-architecture. In addition, expansion cards that use the MCA bus has relatively more expensive price than the ISA bus which was widely used and became a standard, thus slowing their absorption in the microcomputer market.

IBM had failed to extend the life of the IBM PC, but Microsoft continues to expand with the launch DOS MS-DOS version 5.0. Version 5.0 was released in 1991, and has many features that much better, like device drivers can be installed on the memory above the 640K area (HMA), using the parameters in the configuration file config.sys DEVICEHIGH and LOADHIGH AUTOEXEC on file. BAT thus multiplying the possibility to run programs that require conventional memory (initial 640K memory owned by the computer) is greater.

For the utility problem, Microsoft added a lot of utility in DOS version 5.0. Among them is an ASCII text file editor called MS-DOS Editor (EDIT.COM) and QuickBasic programming language programs (QBASIC.EXE). This utility is intended to replace editor-oriented "line by line", EDLIN.EXE are on DOS version 4.0 and earlier.

In addition to an ASCII text file editor, Microsoft also makes utility to create a macro to speed up working with computers. The program is called DOSKEY.COM macro maker. When loaded, DOSKEY can create a macro and execute the macro. In addition, by using DOSKEY can simplify typing the same command with the previous commands so the problem "tired of typing the same command over and over again to be far more simple and easy. To do so, users can use the arrow keys up and down. Features like this are owned by the Command Prompt on Windows 2000/XP.

Other utilities are also interesting is UNFORMAT.EXE and UNDELETE.EXE. Both are very useful utility to restore deleted files and formatted the drive. UNDELETE.EXE similar programs such as the Recycle Bin in Windows 95 (and beyond), only they look a bit more complicated than running the Recycle Bin in Windows. Besides UNDELETE.EXE running on the command line, the DOS version 5.0 is also there MWUNDEL.EXE utility that runs on Windows version 3.0, so that features can also be found in the Recycle Bin in Windows 3.0.

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