Jun 23, 2010

Software engineering

Software is a collection of instructions that serves to execute a command, such as providing information about the hardware, determining the function of the hardware, and run the system.

So that the computer can read, remembering, making decisions (compare), counting, sorting, and produce output in the form of information in the monitor or
mold, the computer must be able to read and insert the program into main memory. The program is instruction in the language or machine-readable by a machine designed for a particular purpose, so if your computer runs and massaging certain key (eg to process accounting data) is called
with the application program (Application Program). Understanding of software refers to programs and other tools that are adding computer capability as a tool for implementing a particular task or operation. Application programs can be created specifically to meet the special needs also (tailor-made) or a package that has general application.

Also called software, is a collection of some of the commands executed by the engine computer in the work. This software is a record for the engine computer to save the command, as well as documents and other records.

Is the electronic data stored in such a way by the computer itself, the data can be stored programs or instructions that will be executed by the command, or the records required by the computer to run an executable command. To achieve these desires was designed on an array of logic, the logic of this process are compiled through the software, which is also called the program and its data-data that. Pengeloahan on this software involves several things, including operating systems, programs and data. This software is arranged in such a way that the logic that there can be understood by the engine computer.


Based on the type, the software is divided into three, namely:

* Firmware (BIOS)
* Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc)
* Software Applications (Photoshop, WinAmp, WinZip, etc)

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