Jun 17, 2010

How to fix hangs computer

Maybe you've experienced when the computer was first turned on everything went smoothly, but several minutes later, the computer becomes slow and then hangs or freezes the computer into the total, could not be handled apain. The only way is to reset the computer by force and then the computer turned on again, but after a while the computer became hang again, you must feel really upset what happened?

Actually, many factors that can make the computer become slow or even hangs. Here are some of my experience as a computer repair hangs.

1. CPU overheating computer hangs karena
Most computers hang because of the CPU cooling system is not running properly. To overcome this there are several ways that we can do:

* Open heatsing processor and fan in the heart - the heart.
* Clean the cooling fins and fan processor from dust, then give fans jammed a little lubricant on the shaft if necessary, replace with new.
* Dry cleaning paste that has been attached to the processor and heatsink, replace it and apply new paste.
* Input again processor, heatsink and fan into the stand carefully.
* Note the position of heatsink (cooling) and the processor fan, make sure the conditions have been installed correctly Heatsing especially for type Heatsing to Processor Socket LGA, note the condition of each screw is inserted.

2. Computer hangs karena Power Supply power shortage
There are also times when the computer hangs karena Power Supply that is damaged, although it does not cause total death, lack of power to the power supply can menyebabkab computer hangs and some USB devices not detected or did not work.

3. Computer hangs karena hardisk bad sector
Hard drive bad sector can cause the computer hangs in addition can also lead windows display the message "blue screen". The first way to fix it is to run Scandisk program. How problematic hard drive can be taken once and installed on another computer.

4. Computer hangs karena damaged VGA Card
Some computers also suffered because there keruksakan hangs on his katu VGA. For that way can check it by changing the VGA card first suspected a problem with a good VGA card.

5. Computer hangs because a connection LAN
For computers that are connected to the network, sometimes it feels heavy when accessing data from another computer, the program has been slow and eventually became the computer hangs. To ensure that the computer hangs because a connection network (LAN), disconnect the network cable to the computer first and then run the computer as usual. If all goes as normal can be ascertained because a connection hangs computer network.
Some ways you can do is:

* Make sure the RJ45 connectors are properly installed.
* Then do a reset on the hub (switches) LAN, how can revoke a power kable hub is then inserted back.
* Move the network cable from one port to another port (usually there are several ports in the hub, which becomes damaged due to certain problems).
* If still problematic replace the network card (LAN card) with the new.

Those are some causes and ways to overcome in improving the computer hangs, may help.

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