Jun 17, 2010

Repair damaged RAM

This time I will share my tips and experiences about dealing with the PC's memory (SDRAM, DDRAM) that have you considered dead (the home did not experience severe physical damage, such as burnt or damaged / broken), because usually by that I see when the memory is in declared dead by the owner of the PC or by a computer technician will usually only be replaced by buying the new memory, but memory is still possible in make live or work anymore.
Here are my tips for dealing with memory have already considered dead is based on experience during hardware wrestle world, with over 70% accuracy him, so for example you have 10 pieces of memory to die then there is the possibility of seven pieces can still be saved ... pretty good at it. ? we can save money on several hundred thousand utntuk perkepingnya.Ok, just prepare the memory die, and equipment in need is Avometer.
1. Clean the memory by way of pin-pin memory scrubbing with a cloth with cleaning purposes, may also in order to give Tiner little more clean from dust, and friction with the cloth will also be fishing the ions in order to pin tersimulasi conductor memory becomes more active.
2. Navigate to the Ohm Avometer scale (scale to measure resistance), Smoking allowed in the position of 1K, 10K, 100K ...
3. Take the needle negative (-) Avometer (black cable) and then paste it on one pin / leg memory, and the needle positive (red wire) on the set of friction on the legs of the IC / chipset memory, when memory has eight pieces such as the IC needle friction (+) to the legs of eight IC.
4. Done .... Please try to plug the memory slot on the Mainboard on ....
This process is to utilize the flow of electric current from the batteries in Avometer that circulate into the circuitry of IC / Chipset memory. The workings of this process is just like the Clear CMOS process if Mainboard Mainboard crashes and does not want to live, namely the occurrence of disruption or blockage in the electrical currents that travel in currents
need to get to the activation of one system are not met .... or as illustrations of people who fainted or coma and then we try to wake up in the fishing line by nerve-nerve to active and conscious way in the flush of water, in setrum.dsb.

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