Jun 18, 2010

Types of Computer Viruses

A computer virus itself is a general term to describe all types of attacks against computer. However, when categorized by the way it works, computer viruses can be grouped into the following categories:

* Worm - Menduplikatkan itself on your hard drive. This makes the computer resources (hard drive) into the worm's full.
* Trojan - Capture data on infected computers and sends itself to the trojan creator.
* Hacking - is a direct attack from hackers for computer users who access certain Internet pages, with or without the assistance programs that have been inserted in the user's computer.
* Backdoor - Almost the same as a trojan. However, Backdoor usually resembles the files fine. For example games.
* Spyware - Virus that monitors the infected computer.
* Rogue and Ransomware - is a program that mimics the antivirus program and show antiviral activity like normal, and giving false warnings about the presence of viruses. The goal is to let users buy and activate the fake antivirus program and make money for those rogue virus maker.
* Rootkit - A virus that works like an ordinary computer system working alone.
* Polymorphic Viruses Viruses are fond beubah change order can not be detected.
* Cell Phone Virus - a virus that runs in a special cell phone, and can cause various effects, ranging from cell phones destroying, stealing data in cell phones, to make calls in secret and spend credit cell phone users .

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