Aug 19, 2010

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global Positioning System (GPS) is the only satellite navigation system is functioning properly. This system uses 24 satellites that transmit microwave signals to Earth. This signal is received by a receiver on the surface, and is used to determine position, velocity, direction and time. Similar to the GPS system that among other things the Russian GLONASS, Galileo European Union, India IRNSS.

This system was developed by the United States Department of Defense, with his full name is NAVSTAR GPS (common mistake is that the NAVSTAR is an acronym, this is wrong, NAVSTAR is the name given by John Walsh, an important policy makers in the GPS program). [1] This collection of satellites maintained by the 50th Space Wing United States Air Force. This system maintenance costs of about U.S. $ 750 million per year, [2] including the replacement of old satellites, as well as research and development.

GPS Tracker or often called a GPS Tracking is a technology AVL (Automated Vehicle Locater) that allows users to track the position of the vehicle, or fleet car in the state of Real-Time. GPS Tracking utilizing a combination of GSM and GPS technology to determine the coordinates of an object, and then translate it in the form of digital maps.

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