Sep 22, 2010

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EVDO, is also known as EV-DO, 1xEV-DO 1xEvDO and is a standard in high-speed wireless broadband. EVDO stands for "Evolution, Data-only" or "Evolution, Data Optimized". The term officially issued by the Telecommunication Industry Association of CDMA2000, a high-speed data interface to the air medium. EVDO one of two main kinds of wireless standard 3rd generation or 3G. As for other standards are W-CDMA.


3G designs to increase speed data and voice network using the existing cellular phone. Where, the main obstacle to implementing high-speed wireless networks is the lack of bandwidth, or range of frequencies that can be used. With so many radio frequencies that can be reduced / streamlined on the FM waves, it is not too much data that it can memnfaatkan bandwidt. EVDO which developed the technology developed by Qualcomm could solve this problem.

How It Works

CDMA coded division multiple access, using a mathematical method for multiple wireless devices can be spent for sending data simultaneously on the same frequency. Each device, such as cell phones, are marked with a unique mathematical. Unique sign was applied to the original signal and sent as a signal modified. Recipients are also applying mathematical inverse sign of the signal to send to get the original signal.

Wireless networking was once used a barrier between sender and receiver, like most traditional phone. EVDO, as his successor to adopt a similar approach to the Internet. IP, Internet Protocol, breaking the data on the small fraction which was then called packets. Each packet is sent independently of the other packages. Of course this will save bandwidth used by other devices allow; when no phone conversations are also not sure there's a package that passed because there are no packets sent. or when a web site is accessed, there will be no bandwidth is used to start sending the web site pages.

In theory the EVDO capable of passing 2.4 megabits per second. Of course this is faster than DSL and cable broadband available. In a video conference in America, which is used by someone who resides in a vehicle at a speed of 60 miles per hour (90km/jam), while in another demonstration of a phone from a bullet train to start moving more than 150 miles per hour (240 km / hours).
Advantages of CDMA EVDO than usual, certainly more save frequency spectrum from the regulator and be very expensive indeed, lower the cost of developing and utilizing the new network. in united EVDO used by Verizon and Sprint, in Korea is also used. As this article EVDO made little impact on the European market and most of Asia because the region has been chose 3G as their choice. Similarly in Indonesia, however there are several operators who use the EVDO technology.

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