Sep 13, 2010


Modem acronym derived from modulator demodulator. Modulator is a part that transforms the signal into the information signal (carrier) and ready for delivery, while the Demodulator is the part that separates the information signal (which contains data or messages) received from the carrier signal so that information can be well received. Modem is the combination of both, it means the modem is a two-way communication tool. Each remote communications devices typically use two-way section called "modem", such as VSAT, microwave radio, etc., but generally the term modem is better known as the hardware that is often used for communication on the computer.

Data from the computer in the form of digital signal provided to the modem to be converted into an analog signal. Analog signals can be transmitted through several media, telecommunications such as telephone and radio.

Arriving at the destination modem, the analog signal is converted into digital signals back and sent to the computer. There are two types of modems are physical, ie an external modem and internal modem.
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