Sep 18, 2010

Soft Handoff

Soft Handoff

Soft handoff (or soft handover) is one of the innovations in mobility which may be done with this CDMA.Hal technologies related to engineering or moved from one cell to another without any time terminate the radio. In the TDMA technology and analog systems, each cell in the frequency jet itself, is different than cells tetangganya.Jika a mobile device has reached the limits of the cell serving the call now, we can say will cut off the radio and quickly adjust to one frequency cell neighboring cells where the call has been transferred by the network due to movement of the location of mobile equipment tersebut.Jika bergenrak equipment could not adjust to the new frequency in an instant, then the call will be disconnected.

In the CDMA system, a set of neighboring cells all use the same frequencies for transmission and a different cell (or base station) in the sense that is a number called the "PN offset", offset from the beginning of time when pseudo-random noise sequences are known which are used to spread the signal from the base station.Dikarenakan all cells are on one frequency, listening on a different base stations today are the challenges in digital signal processing based on the offset of the PN sequences, rather than RF transmission and reception based on a separate frequency. When browsing through the CDMA mobile phone network, he recognized the PN offsets of neighboring cells and the reported strength of each signal back to the cell reference of the relationship conversation (cell is usually the strongest). If the signal from a neighboring cell is strong enough, mobile devices will be linked directly to " add a leg "'callnya and start mentranmisikan and receive to and from the new cell in terms of number of cells (or cells) call had just used. Similarly, if a cell signal weakens, the handset will be disconnected immediately hubungannya.Dslsm HSL, the handset can move from cell to cell and add and remove if necessary in order to keep the call up without breaking the relationship. In practice, there are limits of frequency, often between different siynal carrier or sub-jaringan.Pada this state, CDMA handsets will use the same path as in TDMA or analog and run an extreme movement where this is going to break the relationship and try take a new frequency in which he had just died

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