Jul 27, 2010


Overclock is the term information technology in the English language that refers to a way to make a device to run at higher speeds than the provisions of that device makers. The principle is to create higher performance. But this risky treatment causes a reduced stability of the system until the destruction of computer peripherals dioveclock. Overclock usually practiced by users of the PC to "force" computer peripherals work on the ability of the manufacturer specified standards with the ultimate goal to improve computer performance.

PC devices that are tantamount to forced overclock beyond its original capabilities. However, overclock this PC, in addition to making the device the system becomes unstable, can lead to damage to the hardware, especially motherboards, hard drives, and processors.

Fortunately there are a lot of hardware made with fabrication that has been reliable for the purposes of overclocking, so if with an insight into the understanding and experience of overclocking, it can damage when overclocked diminimaliasi.

The reduced level of stability for overclocked PCs can be caused by the poor quality of power supply units (PSU), memory, and / or mainboard. To avoid the instability that try to replace the power supply with high quality and sufficient power, memory with good quality and reliable, a good motherboard with complete bios. For hardware with adequate and good quality for dioverclock not always expensive.

Hardware damage due to the overclock mainly caused by the excessive heat to avoid a lot of ways to do such as improve system airflow within the chassis, improving the heatsink cpu / chipset / vga by lapping or even replace them with quality cooling are now widely sold in stores computer stores in Indonesia. Cooling system there are many kinds, such as HSF (Heat Sink Fan) standard that is commonly used where the cooling comes from the fan (Fan), Water Cooling, to the extreme, such as using dry ice or a bong and Peltier.

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