Jul 30, 2010

computer network

Based on the criteria, a computer network is divided into four, namely:
1. Based on the distribution of sources of information / data
Centralized Network

This network consists of the client and the server computer where the client computer that serves as an intermediary to access sources of information / data derived from a single computer server

Distributed Network

Is the mixture so that there are few centralized network server computers that are interconnected with the client to form a specific network system.

2. Based on the geographic reach is divided into:
Network LAN

is the network that connects two computers or more in coverage such as laboratories, offices, and in a cafe.

Network MAN

Is the network that covers a large city and its local area. Examples of local telephone networks, cellular telephone systems, as well as some ISP's internet relay network.

Network WAN

Is a network with coverage throughout the world.

3. Based on the roles and relationships of each computer in the process data.
Client-Server Networks

In this network there are one or more server computers and client computers. Computers that will be a server computer or client computer must be altered through software on the network protocol. As an intermediary for the client computer can access data on a server computer and the server computer provides the information required by the client computer.

Network Peer-to-peer

In this network there are no client computer or server computer because all computers can do the delivery and reception of information so that all computers function as clients as well as a server.

4. Based on data transmission media
Wired Network (Wired Network)

In this network, to connect one computer to another computer network cables required. Function in the network cable to send information in the form of electrical signals between the network computer.

Wireless Network (WI-FI)

Network is a form of electromagnetic waves with the medium. On this network is not necessary cables to connect between computers because it uses electromagnetic waves to transmit signals between the computer information network.

translation of: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaringan_komputer

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