Jun 20, 2010


Website is a page of information provided via the Internet so it can be accessed around the world over are connected with Internet network. Website is komponent or collection of components that consist of text, images, sounds more of an animation so that the media information of interest to visit. Broadly speaking, the website can be classified into three parts, namely:

* Static Website
* Dynamic Website
* Interactive Website

Static website is a web page that has not changed. It means to make changes to a page is done manually by editing the code that became the structure of the website.

Dynamic Website is the website which is intended to update the structure as often as possible. Usually, the main addition that can be accessed by users in general, also provided a backend to edit content of the website. Common examples of dynamic website or web is a web news portal in which there are facilities news, polls and so forth.

Interactive Website is a web that now it is booming. One example of an interactive website is a blog and forum. On this website users can interact and collide into an argument about what they thought. Usually websites like to have a moderator to arrange for the topics discussed are not out of line.

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