Jun 20, 2010


Hosting is the internet services that provide resources to hire servers that allow the organization or individual to place information on the Internet such as HTTP, FTP, EMAIL or control. Server hosting consists of a combination of servers or a server that is connected with high speed internet network.

Hosting Types There

There are several types of hosting services are shared hosting, VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server, dedicated servers, colocation servers.

1. Shared Hosting is using shared hosting server with other users of the servers used by more than one domain name. This means that in a single server, there are some accounts that distinguish between one and another account with a username and password.
2. VPS, Virtual Private Server, or also known as Virtual Dedicated Server is a virtualization process of the operating system software environment used by the server. Because this environment is a virtual environment, it is possible to install the operating system that can run on other operating systems.
3. Dedicated Server is the use of dedicated servers for larger applications and can not be operated in a shared hosting or virtual dedicated server. In this case, provision is borne by the hosting company servers that typically work with the vendor.
4. Server Colocation is a service renting a place to put the server used for hosting. Server provided by customers who typically work with the vendor.

Why Bloggers Need Hosting?

as a blogger you must be aware or not definitely needed a place to publish your writings to the world of the Internet. For example if you have a blog on Wordpress.com, Blogger.com, Multiply.com, DagDigDug.com, and other blog services, you automatically have to use hosting services they provide. But if you choose to self-hosted Bloggingly like this, then surely you must have own hosting rental.
Choosing a Good Web Hosting Services

When you decide to have a blog or website hosting sebdiri, then you should be picking out a good web hosting service. What should you consider when choosing hosting for your blog or website is:

1. Your needs for space and bandwidth. The more you post, the greater the space that will be required. More and more visitors to your blog, the greater the bandwidth required in order to avoid a full server load
2. Note the services and features of your place will menghostingkan your blog or website. Could include any existing software in their hosting and support of their hosting services.
3. Target readers. If you choose a target audience from within the country it is better to use local server just to save on bandwidth. But if you choose glogal targets, then there is no harm in selecting a server abroad such as in America. But this situation is not absolute: D
4. Right price. Consult them more understanding about your hosting needs so you rental services in accordance with the money you will spend.

How to Hire Web Hosting

1. To hire a hosting service you need to know any hosting which is available at your place or at least in Indonesia.
2. Then you click on the registration of every main page hosting services.
3. Just follow the steps in instructing such as choosing a domain name, check availability of the domain name you want like in IDwebhost.com, and finish the payment.
4. If you have an online hosting usually you will get an email from service providers or just chat officer who is online at homepage.

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