Jun 20, 2010


Domain Name is a unique name that is used to identify computers on a network server computer that is joined to the Internet.
At the beginning the Internet was developed, a system called IP addresses are used to provide addresses to each server is incorporated into the Internet network. IP Address This form of rows of numbers. for example: So if the Internet user to access a data in one server, which he perli do is access the server by typing the address of an IP Address.

However, as the rate of growth of the Internet is growing very rapidly, there was one problem: Addressing IP Address is assessed by using less human. Most people are difficult to memorize berdigit-digit number such as IP Address. Therefore Therefore, they provide ideas for using the alias of the alphabet that is more humane and easily memorized than addressing using IP Address is less human.

IP Address of a server is because typing berdigit-digit number like that is less humane, the domain name www.example.com then be made as an alias from Anyone with access to www.example.com, it automatically will be redirected to the server that is located at

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