Jul 31, 2010

How it Works CPU

When data and / or processing-instruction is inserted into the devices, once the first is placed in RAM (via Input-Storage); if the form of instructions stored by the Control Unit in-Storage Program, but if the form of data accommodated in the Working-Storage). If the register is ready to accept the progress of execution, then the Control Unit will be taking instructions from the program for at-storage capacity to the Instruction Register, while the memory address that contains the instructions contained in the Program Counter. While the data taken by the Control Unit of Working-storage to be accommodated in the General-purpose registers (in this case in the Operand-register). If the workmanship is done based instruction is arithmatika and logic, the ALU will take over the operation to do based instruction set. The result is stored in the accumulator. If the result of processing has been completed, the Control Unit will retrieve the results of treatment in the accumulator to fit back into the working-storage. If progress overall has been completed, the Control Unit will pick up the processing of the Working-storage to fit into the Output-storage. Then the rest of Output-storage, processing results will be displayed to the output devices.


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