Jul 31, 2010

CPU Components

CPU components are divided into several types, namely as follows.

Control unit that is able to regulate the course of the program. This component is certainly present in all CPU.CPU duty to control the computer so that synchronization occurs between the components work in carrying out operations functions. included in the control unit is the responsibility of taking instructions-instructions from main memory and determine the type of instruction. If no instructions for the calculation of arithmetic or logic comparison, the control unit will send an instruction to the ALU. Results of data processing is carried by the control unit to the main memory again to be saved, and in time will be presented to the output device. Thus the task of this control unit are:
o Manage and control the means of input and output.
o Taking instructions from main memory.
o Retrieving data from main memory (if required) for processing.
o Sending instructions to the ALU when the comparison logic or arithmetic calculations and supervises the work of the ALU.
o Saving the results of the process into main memory.

Register is a small storage devices that have a high access speed, which is used to store data and / or instruction that is being processed. This memory is temporary, usually used to store data on if or when the data for further processing. By analogy, these registers can be likened to a memory in the brain when we do data processing manually, so the brain can be described as the CPU, which contains the memories, the control unit that regulates all activities of the body and have a place to perform calculations and logical comparisons.
ALU units assigned to perform arithmetic operations and logic operations defined by instructions. ALU is often called the machine language for this section ALU consists of two parts, namely the unit arithmetika and boolean logic units, each of which has its own task specification. The main task of the ALU is to perform all arithmetic calculations (math), which occurs in accordance with the instructions of the program. ALU perform all the basic arithmetic operations with the sum so that the electronic circuitry used is called Adder.

Another task of the ALU is to perform an operation logic of the decision in accordance with the instructions of the program. Logic operations include the comparison of two operands by using a certain logical operators, which is equal to (=), not equal to (¹), less than (<), less than or equal to (£), is greater than (>), and greater or equal to (³).

Interconnections is a system CPU and the bus connection that connects the internal components of the CPU, the ALU, the control unit and registers, and also with external buses connecting the CPU with other systems, such as main memory, device input / output.

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