Aug 16, 2010

Shortage and Security Wireless local area network or WLAN


Problem of lack of security of the wireless connection has become a topic of debate. Security system was originally used by the WLAN is WEP, but this protocol provides only minimal security because of serious shortcomings. Another option is WPA, SSL, SSH, and other encryption software.


On cable networks, one can often, in some degree, close access to the network physically. Geographical distance from the wireless network is significantly larger more often than office or home covered; neighbors or arbritrary offenders may be able to smell and all traffic and non-authority access internal network resources as the Internet, is likely to send spam or perform activities illegal use of IP address owners, if security can not be taken seriously.

Some advocate will look at all access points available openly available to the public, on the basis that all people will benefit from when the traffic gets online.

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