Aug 24, 2010

Bus topology

On a bus topology network two unjung must end with a terminator. Barrel connector can be used to expand them. Network consists of only one cable channel using BNC cables. Who wants to connect to a computer network can be linked himself with mentap Ethernet over cable.

Linear Bus: This layout includes the general layout. One main cable connecting each node, the computers that access a single channel with the tip of the tip. Each node is connected to two other nodes, except the engine at one end of the cable, each node is only connected to one another. This topology is often found on client / server, where one of the machines on the network functioned as a File Server, which means that the machine is devoted only to the distribution of data and are not usually used for processing information.

Bus network installation is very simple, cheap and consist of a maximum of 5-7 computers. The difficulty often faced is the possibility of data collisions because the mechanism is relatively simple network and if one node is broken it will disrupt the entire network performance and traffic.

* Excellence is developing a network bus topology or adding new workstations can be done easily without disrupting the other workstations.

* The weakness of this topology is that if there is interference along the cable, the center of the whole network will be disrupted.

Linear bus topology is a topology widely used in the mushrooming use of Coaxial cable. By using the T-Connector (with a 50ohm terminator on the end of the network), then the computer or other network device can easily be connected to one another. The main difficulty of using coaxial cables is difficult to measure whether the coaxial cable that is used completely matched or not. Because if not truly be measured properly will damage the NIC (network interface card) which is used and the network performance becomes constrained, not reaching maximum capacity. This topology is also frequently used in fiber-optic network with a base (which later merged with a star topology to connect with a client or a node.).

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