Aug 7, 2010

Search engine

Search engines are computer programs designed to help someone find the files that are stored in a computer, for example, in a public server on the web (WWW) or on your own computer. The search engine allows us to ask for media content with specific criteria (typically containing words or phrases that you specify) and obtained a list of files that meet these criteria. Search engines usually use the index (which was made earlier and updated on a regular basis) to find the file after the user enters search criteria.

In the context of the Internet, search engine usually refers to the WWW and not a protocol or other areas. In addition, search engines collect data available in newsgroups, large databases, or open directories like Because data collection is done automatically, unlike search engine web directory of human work.

Most search engines run by private companies that use the algorithm of ownership and private databases - the most popular is Google (MSN Search and Yahoo! Lagging slightly behind). There have been several attempts to create search engines with open-source (open source), for example, is Htdig, Nutch, and OpenFTS Egothor.

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