Aug 12, 2010

https is the secure version of HTTP

https is the secure version of HTTP, the communication protocol of the World Wide Web. Discovered by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide authentication and encrypted communication and the use of electrical komersi.

Instead of using plain text communication, HTTPS encrypted session data using the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security). The two protocols provide adequate protection from attacks by eavesdroppers, and man in the middle attacks. In general, HTTPS port is 443.

Security levels depending on the accuracy in implementing the web browser and server software and supported by the actual encoding algorithm.

Therefore, the use HTTPS web pages, and URLs used starts with 'https: / /' instead of 'http://'

Misunderstandings that often occur on the user's credit card on the web is with regard HTTPS "fully" protect their transactions. Whereas in fact, HTTPS only encrypts the information from their cards between their browser by a web server that receives the information. On the web server, Types card information is typically stored in a database server (and sometimes not sent directly to the credit card processor), and the database server is the most frequent target of attacks by the parties who are not interested

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