Jul 22, 2010

Understanding business

In economics, business is an organization that sells goods or services to consumers or other businesses, for a profit. Historically the business of the English word business, busy from the word that means "busy" in the context of individual, community, or society. In a sense, busy with activities and jobs that bring profit.

In a capitalist economy, where most businesses are owned by private parties, business set up to get the profit and increase the prosperity of their owners. Owner and operator of a business to get benefits in accordance with the time, effort, or the capital they provide. But not all businesses pursuing this advantage, such as cooperative business that aims to improve the welfare of all its members or a government institution that aims to improve people's welfare. This business model contrasts with the socialistic system, where most large businesses are owned by the government, public, or trade unions.

Etymologically, means business circumstances in which a person or group of people busy doing jobs that generate profits. The word "business" itself has three uses, depending skupnya - use of the singular word can refer to business entities, namely the unity of the juridical (legal), technical, economical and aiming for profit or gain. The use of a broader can refer to a particular market sector, such as "business of television." The most widespread usage refers to all activities performed by community providers of goods and services. However, the definition of "business" the right is still a matter of debate until recently.

translation of http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisnis

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