Jul 21, 2010

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

There are many ways to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimation) that bees either:

1. Title page: This is an information page that looks at the blue bar in your browser which is located on the left when you visit a website. For best SEO, use up to two keywords in title tags. The best way is the two keywords are separated with a bar "|", for example: Dapakan money | Free Software

2. Domain Names: If possible, use one primary keyword in the domain name. You'll get the competitive position of SEO. If you already have a domain name, to include the name of an existing file on your website. Example: http://www.situsanda.com/dapatduit.html

3. Meta tags: It is a description of a website that is not visible, except if you see the html source code of these pages. For the needs of SEO, make sure the meta tag is not greater than 150 characters

4. Header tags: This is the html code that indicates the headlines, such as H1, H2, and H3 and bold look. Show one-time website keyword in the H1, H2 2-3 times, and repeatedly in the H3.

5. Image alt tag: A description of the images on the website and will be visible when the cursor is placed over the image. Fill out the alt tags with keywords from your website.

6. Format Content: Search engines are extremely sensitive to the contents of the formatted text. For example if the text bold, italics, or underscore. Make sure that the keywords appear in boldface

7. Keyword density: The density / population depends on the number of keywords appearing on those keywords. Total population of these keywords between 2% - 7%. Available software to check the population of keywords / keyword density

8. Anchor text: This is a link that links to another page on our website. Mishal with "click here for details and then posting"

9. Inbound links: It is another term for exchanging links. Premises eg the word "your web link, I link your website"

10. Update post: Web Content is king, eating one way to improve your web SEO search engine is writing a quality post.

11. Site Map: a map of the site would allow the visitor to browse the contents of the website.

translation of:http://awaludyn.blogspot.com/2008/12/tips-meningkatkan-seo-bagi-pemula.html

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