Jul 22, 2010

franchise business

Franchise or Franchising (from the French for honesty or freedom) is the rights to sell a product or service or a service. While according to the Indonesian government's version, which is a franchise commitment, which is one of the parties were granted the right to utilize and or use of intellectual property rights (IPR) or a meeting of the typical business owned by another party with a benefit based on the criteria established by the other party in the provision and / or sale of goods and services.

While according to the Indonesian Franchise Association, which referred to the Franchise are:

A system of distributing goods or services to end customers, where the brand owner (the franchisor) gives rights to individuals or companies to conduct business under the brand name, systems, procedures and ways of predefined within a certain period includes a specific area.

translate or http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waralaba

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