Aug 20, 2010


Informatics is a scientific discipline that studies the transformation berlambang facts, data and information on computing-based machines. These disciplines include several kinds of fields, including: computer science, information science, information systems, computer engineering and application information in management information systems. In general, informatics study the structure, properties, and interaction of several systems used to collect data, process and store the results of data processing, and display it in the form of information. Aspects of informatics broader than just computer-based information systems, but still a lot of information that is not and has not been processed by computer.

Informatics has the basic concepts, theories, and the development of a separate application. Informatics can support and is associated with cognitive and social aspects, including those regarding the effect and social effect of information technology in general. Use the information in some kinds of fields, such as bioinformatics, medical informatics, and information that support the science library, a few other examples from the field of informatics.

In a broader scope, informatics includes several aspects:

* Information theory to study the mathematical concept of an information
* The science that studies the information about how the collection, classification, storage manipulation, access, and dissemination of information for the overall social and community
* Computer science and computer engineering who learned about the processing, archiving, and dissemination of information using information technology and other computer-based tools.

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