Aug 20, 2010

Computer Science

Computer Science generally defined as the science of learning both about computing, hardware devices (hardware) and software (the software). Computer science includes a variety of topics related to computers, ranging from the abstract analysis of algorithms to more concrete subjects like programming languages, software, including hardware. As a discipline, Computer Science is more emphasis on computer programming and software engineering (software), while computer engineering were more likely to relate to things like computer hardware (hardware). However, both terms are widely misunderstood by many people.

Church-Turing thesis states that all computing devices that have been commonly known virtually identical in terms of what they can do, though with different efficiency. This thesis is sometimes regarded as the basic principles of computer science. Computer science experts usually emphasize the von Neumann computers or Turing machines (computers that work on small tasks and deterministic at a time), because things like that most computers used today. Computer scientists are also studying other types of machines, some of which can not be of practical use (such as neural computers, DNA computers, and quantum computers) and some are still quite theoretical (such as computers and computer random oracle).

Computer Science learn what can be done by some programs, and what is not (computability and artificial intelligence), how the program should evaluate the outcome (algorithm), how the program should store and retrieve a specific bit of an information (data structures), and how to program and communicate the user (the user interface and programming language).

Computer science is rooted in electronics, mathematics and linguistics. In the last three decades of the twentieth century, computer science has become a new discipline and has developed his own methods and terminology.

The first computer science department at Purdue University was founded in 1962. Almost all universities now have departments of computer science.

The highest award in computer science is the Turing Award, the winner of this award are all pioneers in their field.

Edsger Dijkstra said:

Computer science is not about computers as astronomy is not about the telescope

Renowned physicist Richard Feynman said:

Age is not as old as computer science of physics; several hundred years younger. However, this does not mean that the "dish" far fewer computer scientists than physicists. It is younger, but grew up in a much more intense!

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