Aug 16, 2010

Functions and features

Besides functioning to make and receive phone calls, the phone is generally also has the function of sending and receiving short messages (short message service, SMS). There is also a provider of mobile telephone services in several countries that provide third generation services (3G) by adding a videophone service, as a means of payment, as well as for online television on their mobile phones. Now, mobile phone into a multifunctional gadget. Following the development of digital technology, now the phone is also equipped with a wide range of features, such as could capture the radio and television, audio player software (MP3) and video, digital cameras, gaming, and internet services (WAP, GPRS, 3G). In addition to these features, the phone is now embedded computer features. So on the phone, people can change the phone functionality into a mini computer. In the business world, this feature is very helpful for the businessmen to perform all tasks in one place and make work projects are completed in a short time.

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