Aug 16, 2010

First Generation , 1G generation mobile phone

First Generation
1G generation mobile phone

The first generation cellular phone is also called 1G. 1-G is the first real mobile phone. In 1973, Martin Cooper of Motorola Corp. cell phones first discovered and introduced to the public on April 3, 1973. Cellular phone was found by Cooper weighs 30 ounces or approximately 800 grams. This invention has changed the world forever. Technology used an analog-G and is still known as AMPS. AMPS uses frequency between 825 MHz-894 MHz and operated at 800 Mhz band. Because it is analog, then the system continues to be used regionally. One drawback is the generation of 1-G because of its size that is too large to be held by hand. This is because the large size and energy needs of poor battery performance. In addition a generation-G still has problems with mobility. During the call, the user mobility is limited to coverage area of cellular phone

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