Aug 5, 2010

History blogs

Media blog was first popularized by, owned by PyraLab before finally PyraLab diakuisi by the end of 2002 Google.Com ago. Since then, numerous applications are open source, which is applied to the development of the writers of these blogs.

Blogs have a very diverse functions, from a diary, media publicity in a political campaign, to media programs and corporations. Some blogs are maintained by a single author, while others are by some authors. Many weblogs also have the facility of interaction with the audience, such as using the guest book and comments field that can allow its visitors to leave comments on the contents of the papers published, however, there is also the opposite or non-interactive.

Web sites that related to each other thanks to the weblog, or in total is a collection of weblogs are often referred to as the blogosphere. Whenever a collection of wave activity, information and opinions are very large recurring to some very controversial subject or happening in the blogosphere, it is often referred to as storm blogstorm or blog.

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