Aug 5, 2010

Types of blogs

* Political Blog: About the news, politics, activist, and all the issues-based blogs (like the campaign).
* Personal Blog: Also called an online diary which contained about someone everyday experiences, complaints, poems or poetry, bad ideas, and conversations of friends.
* Stubs Blog: Blog which discusses about something, and focus on a particular discussion.
* Health Blog: More specific about health. Health blog mostly about the patients' complaints, the latest health news, information about health-ketarangan, etc..
* Blog of literature: Better known as litblog (Literary blog).
* Blog trip: Focus on the discussion of travel stories that tell the details about the trip / travel.
* Blog of research: The question of academic as the latest research news.
* Blog the law: The question of law or legal affairs; known as blawgs (Blog Laws).
* Blog the media: Focus on the discussion lies or ketidakkonsistensi mass media, usually only for a newspaper or television network
* Blog of religion: To discuss about religion
* Blog of education: Usually written by students or teachers.
* Blog of togetherness: more specific topics written by a particular group.
* Blog guide (directory): Contains hundreds of links pages.
* Blog business: Used by employees or entrepreneurs for their business promotion activities
* Blog embodiments: Focus on an object outside of human beings; like dogs
* Blog bullies (spam): Used for business promotion affiliate, also known as splogs (Spam Blogs)


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