Aug 24, 2010

Set Theory

Set Theory is a theory about the collection of abstract objects. Set theory is usually studied as one of the form:

* Naive set theory, and
* Axiomatic set theory, set theory is based on the terms and undefined relationships, and axioms that would build the whole theory of sets.

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The set is a collection of certain objects which are included in one unit with a clear explanation. To declare a set, use capital letters like A, B, C etc.. While for the states of its members to use lowercase letters like a, b, c, etc..

There are four ways to express a set of

1. Enumeration: by registering all of its members (roster) is placed inside a pair of curly brackets, and among each of its members separated by commas. Example:
A = (a, i, u, e, o)

2. Standard symbols: the use of certain symbols that have been agreed. Example:
P is the set of positive integers
Z is the set of integers
R is the set of real numbers
C is the set of complex numbers

3. Forming a set of notation: by writing the general characteristics or general properties (roles) of the members. Example:
A = (x | x is the set of integers)

4. Venn diagram: graphically presents the set with each set is described as a circle and have set the universe (U) fixative DNG rectangular.

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