Jul 20, 2010


Commands discussed above is not a command like human language. Computers only have a limited number of simple commands well formulated. Common commands that are understood most computers are "copy the contents of cell 123, and a place in the cell clone 456", "add the contents of cell 666 to cell 042, and place result in cell 013", and "if the contents of cell 999 is 0, your next command in 345 cells. "

Instructions are represented within the computer as a number - code for "copy" may be 001, for example. A set of specific commands that are supported by a particular computer is known as a computer machine language. In practice, people usually do not write orders for computers directly in machine language but using a programming language "high level" which was then translated into machine language automatically by special computer programs (interpreters and compilers). Some programming languages closely related to machine language, such as assembler (low level languages); on the other hand, languages like Prolog are based on abstract principles far removed from actual implementation details of the engine (high-level language)

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