Aug 9, 2010


database, is a collection of information stored in the computer in a systematic way so that it can be checked using a computer program to obtain information from these databases. Software used to manage and call query (query) the database is called database management systems (database management system, DBMS). Database system was studied in information science.

The term "database" originated from computer science. Although then the meaning is more widespread, putting things outside the field of electronics, this article is about computer databases. Note that similar to the data base is already there before the industrial revolution in the form of ledgers, receipt and collection of data associated with the business.

The basic concept of the database is a collection of records, or pieces of knowledge. A structured database has an explanation of the types of facts that are stored in it: this explanation is called the scheme. Scheme describing the object that represented a data base, and the relationship between these objects. There are many ways to organize the scheme, or model the database structure: this is known as the model database or data model. Model commonly used today is the relational model, which is layman's terms represents all information in the form of tables that are interconnected, where each table consists of rows and columns (the true definition uses mathematical terminology). In this model, relationships between tables are represented premises using the same values between tables. Other models such as hierarchical models and network models use a more explicit way to represent relationships between tables.

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