Aug 24, 2010

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the intelligence shown by an artificial entity. It is usually considered a computer. Intelligence was created and inserted into a machine (computer) in order to do a job like that can be human. Several kinds of fields that use artificial intelligence expert system, among others, computer games (games), fuzzy logic, neural networks and robotics.

Many things that seem difficult for human intelligence, but for Informatics relatively no problem. As an example: transforming the equation, solve the integral equation, make a game of chess or Backgammon. On the other hand, things seem to require little human intelligence, until now still difficult to realize in Informatics. As an example: Introduction to Object / Front, playing soccer.

Although AI has a strong science fiction connotation, AI forms a very important branch of computer science, associated with behavior, learning and intelligent adaptation in a machine. Research in AI involves making machines to automate tasks requiring intelligent behavior. Includes example is controlling, planning and scheduling, the ability to answer diagnostic and question customers, as well as handwriting recognition, voice and face. Things like that have become separate disciplines, that focus on providing solutions to real life problems. AI systems are now often used in economics, medicine, engineering and military, as had been built in several applications of computer software and home video games.

'Artificial intelligence' was not only want to understand what intelligence system, but also mengkonstruksinya.

There is no satisfactory definition for 'intelligence':

1. intelligence: the ability to acquire knowledge and use
2. or intelligence that is what is measured by an 'Intelligence Test'

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