Aug 24, 2010

Data Structure

In computer science terms, a data structure is a way of storing, preparing and setting data in a computer storage medium so that data can be used efficiently.

In programming techniques, data structures means that the layout of data containing columns of data, whether that column visible to the user (the user) or the columns that are only used for programming purposes that are not visible to the user. Each row from the collection of these columns are called records (records). Column width for the data may change and vary. There is a wide column dynamically change according to input from users, and there is also a fixed width columns. With this character, a data structure can be applied to database processing (eg for the purposes of financial data) or for word processing (word processor) that the columns change dynamically. Examples of data structures can be seen in the papers spread sheet (spreadsheet), base-data (database), word processing, image dipampat (compressed), as well as file compression with a particular technique that utilizes the data structure.

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