Jul 31, 2010

Computer data storage

Computer data storage, comes from the English word "computer data storage" is often referred to as computer memory, refers to computer components, computers, and media that retain digital data recording that is used for some time interval. Computer data storage provides one of the three core functions of the modern computer, namely to maintain the information. He is one of the fundamental components that exist in all modern computers, and has linkages with the microprocessor, and a computer model used since the 1940s.

In contemporary usage, refers to the form of computer memory storage medium made of semiconductor, which is known as Random Access Memory (RAM), and sometimes in other forms more quickly but can only store data temporarily. However, the term "computer storage" now generally refers to a mass storage media, which can be optical discs, some form of magnetic storage media (such as hard disk) and types of other storage media is slower than RAM, but it has character more permanent, such as flash memory.

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