Aug 28, 2010

Data Communications

Data Communications

Data communication is the process of sending and receiving data / information from two or more devices (tools, such as a computer / laptop / printers / and other communication devices) are connected in a network. Both local and broad, like the internet

In general there are two types of data communication, namely:

Through Terrestrial Infrastructure
Using the media as cable and wireless access. The high cost required to build the infrastructure of this type. Several services including terrestrial, among others: Digital Data Network (SDL), Frame Relay, VPN MultiService and Packet Data Communication Connection (SKDP).
Through Satellite
Using satellite access. Usually, the area covered is more extensive and satellite access to reach the location that did not allow the construction of terrestrial infrastructure, but requires a long time for the process of communication. Another weakness of satellite communications is the presence of disturbances caused by solar radiation wave (Sun Outage) and the worst happens once every 11 years.

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