Jul 2, 2010

Output device (output units)

Output unit is a tool to display the results of processing performed by the CPU. In control theory, the output of a system is what can be measured. Specifically, outputs are differentiated from states. Specifically, the output is indistinguishable from the state.

In engineering the term output can refer to:

1. The power or work output of a machine. The power or work output of the engine.
2. An observable output, Standard and Poor 'MOVED distance or velocity, of a mechanical system. An observable output, such as the distance moved or speed, from mechanical systems.

In human-computer interaction, output information generated by a computer program and felt by the user. The kinds of output the program produces, and the kinds of input the program accepts, define the user interface of the program. The types of programs produce output, and the types of input the program receives, determines the user interface program. In this context, feedback and output are often Used interchangeably. In this context, feedback and output are often used interchangeably. However, output tends to refer specifically to explicit output, something That is intentionally provided for the user, whereas feedback Also encompasses byproducts of operation That Happen to contain information (see low-key feedback). However, output tends to refer to the explicit output, something that intentionally provided for the user, while the byproduct feed also includes the operations that occurred in information (see the low-key feedback).

In information processing, the output is the process of information transmission or the transmitted information itself. The output of one process the input May well for another form of information processor. Output from one process may form the input to another information processor. Essentially, the output is any data Exiting a computer system. Basically, the output data out of the computer system. This could be in the form of printed paper, audio, video. This can be in the form of printed paper, audio, video. In the medical industry Might this include CT scans or x-rays. In the medical industry this might include CT scans or x-ray. Typically in computing, data is entered through Various forms (input) into a computer, the data is often manipulated, and then information is Presented to a human (output). Usually in computer, data entered through various forms (input) into a computer, data is often manipulated, and then the information presented to humans (output).

How alatunit output, including the following:

a. Monitor
Monitor is functioning alatr displays two data or information in the form of text or graphics. There are various kinds of monitors. The most popular types, namely Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is tubular and Flat Panel / Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) having a flat surface so it is more practical.

b. Printer
The printer is a tool to print the information generated by computers.

c. Speakers
The speakers are producing sound output unit. connect the music player application (eg winamp), and then listen to the voice that comes out of your computer speakers.

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