Jul 20, 2010

Program computer

The computer program is a huge list of commands to be done by computer, perhaps with the data in the table. Many computer programs contain millions of orders, and many of the command is repeated. A typical modern personal computer (in 2003) can do around 2-3 billion instructions in a second. Computers do not get their extraordinary abilities via the ability to perform complex commands. However, they do millions of simple commands arranged by smart people, "programmers." "Good programmers develop sets of commands to perform common tasks (for example, draw a dot on the screen) and then make the command sets that are available to other programmers." Today, most computers seem to do several programs at once. This is usually referred to as multitasking. In fact, the CPU perform the command of one program, then after a while, the CPU switch to the second program and do some commands. Small intervals which are often referred to as time slices (time-slice). This presents a fictional program that doubled at a time by giving the CPU time between courses. This is similar to how the film is a series of lightning still frame. Operating systems are programs that usually control this time to share

translation of: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komputer#Instruksi

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